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Transforming logistics challenges into streamlined solutions, PRIZM WMS empowers your business to excel. Witness precision in order preparation, reduced processing times, and seamless integration, all while boosting customer satisfaction.

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Need greater order precision and reduced processing times?

Precision & Efficiency

With Prizm WMS, leverage real-time inventory tracking to optimize order precision and significantly reduce processing times.
Worry that your processing times and order accuracy might be affecting your customers' satisfaction?

Customer Impact

Boost customer satisfaction by guaranteeing order accuracy and ensuring timely deliveries every time.
Face rising shipping and return costs are skyrocketing?

Cost Management

Optimize storage space and streamline pick/pack processes to reduce overheads. Minimize costly stockouts and overstock situations, managing shipping and return costs more efficiently.
Notice an increase in penalties and a decrease in profit margins?

Profit Challenges

Minimize errors, reduce waste, and optimize labor management for a healthier bottom line with improved inventory turnover and reduced carrying costs
Wonder how product location affects overall warehouse efficiency?

Inventory Allocation

With Prizm WMS, understand and manage product locations, ensuring that high-turnover items are always within easy reach.
Feel like your team spends more time wrestling with spreadsheets than getting the actual work done

User-Friendly Solutions

Our user-friendly interface empowers your team, allowing for quicker onboarding and efficient day-to-day operations.
Overwhelmed with fluctuating product demand while maintaining warehouse efficiency?.

Fashion Demand

Keep warehouse operations smooth even during peak demand periods by optimizing inventory levels and streamlining replenishment processes, Product Diversity.
Feel like you're navigating a maze, sifting through products, sizes, colors, and styles, just to achieve inventory synchronization?

Product Diversity

Prizm WMS streamlines product categorization, integrates with third-party apps for enhanced traceability, and enables quick retrieval of items, regardless of size, color, or style.
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Warehouse Managment System
Warehouse management system, is a software designed to manage and optimize the operations of a warehouse or distribution center.
Team Training
It is important to invest time and resources in training and consulting to get the most out of your technology investment and improve the efficiency of your supply chain.
Integration Platform as a Service
Integration Platform as a Service, a category of cloud services used to facilitate the integration of diverse applications and systems in a company.

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What do people praise about Prizm WMS?

We Got Soccer improved warehouse efficiency and reduced labor costs by implementing Prizm WMS, eliminating the need for temporary workers and overtime, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

We Got Soccer Soccer Shoes, Equipment and Apparel

Fisher Footwear partnered with Prizm Tech Group and Prizm WMS to optimize their new 700,000 square foot warehouse, resulting in significant growth and recognition in the women's fashion industry since 2005.

Marc Fisher Footwear Designer Shoes - Casual Luxe Styles

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